Mrs. Jannie P. McNeil Hayes has been an advocate for children and families for over 10 years. While raising four children of her own Ms. Hayes has experienced the full scope of the challenges of the adoption and foster care process.


Her unwavering commitment to children and families has received support and recognition both regionally and locally from government agencies, social workers, politicians, and community organizations.


Mrs. Hayes has declared her life's service to ensure that all children have a supportive family and all families have the support they need to sustain loving homes. 

"Sometimes when I am tired I ask myself, why am I doing this?  Then I close my eyes and I see children. I see children with eyes that are not sparkling anymore, but eyes dark and full of questions.  Why me? Will I have a mommy and daddy?  I see eyes where love has died and hope is gone. 


Then I open my eyes and the desire to continue looking for families that will open their hearts and homes to our children becomes overwhelming. I believe home is where the heart is, and all children deserve a healthy and stable home. A child’s life is renewed through the heart; a child’s heart is renewed through the home.


I will continue being an advocacy to the children, and I will continuing to talk to families, organizations, and churches, searching their hearts for a forever family as I walk on this Journey with God to find a child a loving home".



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