Why you should donate.....

Can you imagine what happens to a child with no family? They become a part of an often "invisible system," a network of agencies and home placements that hopefully occasionally results in a permanent adoption.  More often than not, foster children lose the temporary family they have come to know and are then placed in a "new life?" Months later: another "new life?" For many, 10 or more years may pass and they are still being placed in "new lives" while others will max out of the system, without ever knowing what a family is suppose to be.  Coalition of Adoption Programs believes "home is where the heart is" and ALL children deserve a healthy, stable home.

 The Proceeds are spent on:

  • Preventive services e.g. individual and family counseling & resource referrals
  • Family advocacy and transitional support for children and families. 
  • Post permanency services consisting of placement, health care, counseling
  • Educational support to reduce the residual effects of abandonment and neglect
  • We also now provide school supplies, clothing, and fee support for homeless children in the public school system.

C.O.A.P. has served the Maryland and DC area for over 9 years with the support of the community at large, friends and neighbors, people like you.  Together, we coordinate annual events like the Adoption Round-Table Forum, the Healthy Families and Children Day and our banquet and awards Gala honoring families for their service.  We also provide pro-bono advocacy and referral services for families and children of all ages

 Help us serve the needs of the hearts of children that have been forgotten, abandoned, abused, neglected, unloved, tossed aside, and unjustly condemned for being born.  The need is real.  With approximately three thousand children adopted each year in Prince Georges County, MD alone, adequate support services are simply not there.  These families look to organizations like Coalition of Adoption Programs to ease the difficult and costly transition of a child into their home.  Help us help them.

Prefer to give by phone?

Call us on: 301-529-8465, 9am-5pm Monday through Friday

Please donate today.



To purchase tickets for the 11th Annual Awards Banquet honoring families and supporters of adoption and foster care, hosted by Bethel Deliverance Outreach Ministries, please selet one of the options below:

11th Annual Awards Gala 1 person

$ 55 USD

one person


11th Annual Awards Gala 2 persons

$ 110 USD

2 persons


11th Annual Awards Gala 3 persons

$ 165 USD

3 persons


11th Annual Awards Gala 4 persons

$ 220 USD

4 persons


11th annual Awards Gala 5 persons

$ 275 USD

5 persons


11th Annual Awards Gala entire table

$ 550 USD

10 persons or full table


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